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Saturday, June 13, 2015


Available Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hello Everybody!
I am set to release my sophomore novel, The Final Offer on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 in paperback format on my website and eBook format on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. The Final Offer is a story of love, fear, betrayal, and forgiveness. The storyline is a continuation of my debut novel, The Best I Have to Offer.  Through humor and a drama filled journey, I demonstrate the importance of bringing your complete self into a relationship while striving for continuous self-improvement and maturity through joy, pain, and adversity.

In my books, I try to bring excitement around developing relationships, true friendships, entrepreneurship, dealing with family, and other outside influences that require time, attention, and talent to resolve. I want readers to know that intentionally giving the best they have to offer in any situation is vital.  There are three underlying messages in my novels that I hope people will understand:

1.      YOU MUST ALWAYS BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU – Your authentic self is who you will be long term; so own it and strive to improve. Behaving like someone else or pretending for someone new will not last.

2.      KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - Ask the right questions in the beginning. The excitement of meeting someone new and having that chemistry that ignites is powerful. But, it’s still important slow down and get to know who the person really is by asking the right questions and observing patterns through different experiences with the person.

3.      FORGIVENESS IS FOR YOU – Set yourself free, forgiveness is not for the wrongdoer, it’s for you. Exercise your freedom by not allowing the weight to hold you down. Holding on to past hurts can have major consequences in the end.

Readers will engage and understand these things for themselves. The book is 336 pages. A paperback copy is $15.00 and the ebook is $9.99.

Brenda’s stories are relevant and intriguing.  This sequel will captivate the sensibility of single professionals who are working hard to find love, joy and happiness while balancing their commitment to their careers, friends, family and their own self-discovery. ~Dr. Michael L. McFrazier, Vice President of Administration and Chief of Staff – Prairie View A&M University and co-editor and publisher of “College Student Self-Efficacy Research Studies.”


   Available June 16, 2015

Pre-order your copy today!

Thank you for your support! ~Brenda A. White